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KEN RAD 6B4G New in Brown Military Box


  • Type: 6B4G
  • Brand: Ken-Rad
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Ken-Rad was one of the brand names of vacuum tubes that was manufactured by General Electric for use with its appliances.
The Ken-Rad 6B4G vintage tube was specifically designed and created for use by the American military branches.
These tubes were main components found in ham radios, AC/DC radios, microphones, and other communication devices used within the field.
These vintage tubes are used by guitar amp enthusiasts because of their crisp, clear amplification.
This type of tube can be used to power RCA amps.
This model is able to amplify sounds by up to 100 times, which allows you to deliver great sound quality across a large room.
This low-power triode has a concentric construction that facilitates the flow of electrons from the anode to the cathode.
The triode consists of hot cathode electrode heated by a filament.
The filament is made of an alloy of tungsten that is coated with zinc and other metals.
This helps to prevent corrosion.
The tube also includes a flat metal plate electrode that attracts electrons to it.
The plate in this 6b4g is coated black to facilitate the dissipation of heat.
The tube’s grid is made up of a helix of thin wires.
The plates consist of a thin and flexible sheet of metal surrounding the grid.
These helical layers provide the 6b4g with heat radiating fins.
The 6b4g has an anode-grid capacitance of 2 picofarads, and it is specified to operate at frequencies up to 4 GHz.
These 6b4g tubes heat the cathode to red-hot. This allows the tube to double as a lamp.
As you play music through your amplifier or guitar, you will see the tube’s glow.
The internal filament reaches temperatures of more than 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.
As an indirectly heated cathode, the tube is coated with an alkaline earth mixture.
This increases the electron output and boosts the tube’s efficiency in sound amplification.
The lifetime of the 6b4g is more than 2,000 hours, which will allow you to enjoy many great music sessions.
As an audio tube, people depend on it to deliver both high and low sounds.
The eight-pin configuration of the vacuum tube allows it to fit in most brands of audio amplifier and guitar amp products.
The base of the 6b4g is insulated to minimize vibration.
This base insulation also minimizes humming, static, and feedback.
These tubes function as a replacement for the original units installed in vintage equipment.
They are also used to power modern amplifiers.
These 6b4g products measure about 2.3 inches long and 0.9 inches in diameter.
The tube has an oblong shape and a black connector plate.
Each one is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped out to ensure that there are no filament leaks and that all pins are in their proper placement.
The tube is accompanied by installation instructions for easy installation.
Due to the unidirectional pin configuration, this vacuum tube is simple to install in your amplifier.
It is a plug-and-play and can be installed as a single tube or a matched pair to power your equipment.


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