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Your one-stop source for rare high quality new old stock vacuum  tubes and valves.

We have been in the vacuum tubes and valves Business Since 1970’s, and have aproximately 3,00,000 Tubes in Stock.

We supply vacuum tubes & valves for:

Audiophile Applications            Amplifiers of all kinds
Amateur Radio                           Antique Radio
Industrial Equipment                Electronic Organs
Sound Equipment                     CB Radios
Transmitters                              Antique Radio

Audiotubes.in  is  one of the world’s largest stockiest  of vacuum tubes, including rare, vintage, and ‘new old stock’ tubes that aren’t available anywhere else  but are known to be the best sounding, most durable and reliable vacuum tubes ever made.
Even our competitors buy from us, especially those hard to find tubes.  We have them all, in stock, and we have them at the best prices!

All tubes are checked for Shorts, Emission, Life test, and Leakage. Emissions/life test on this meters

Tube tested: No leaks, No shorts, Good emissions

Tube tested emissions (100) life test (100)

To preform the test as mentioned and to ensure that the tubes are in factory specs (working) and guarantee that you are getting the very best available .

We  test  on  vacuum tester  and  valves  testers Like

– Amplitrex AT1000 Advance Digital Tube Tester, USA

– Hickok 752a tube tester, USA

-AVO Type 160, UK

We specialized in thoroughly tested and screened quality vacuum tubes and Valves before shipping them.

The majority of our orders ship within twenty-four hours .

We ship worldwide, and we promise total customer satisfaction ..You have our word on it.

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That is our mission

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