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E82CC 12AU7 Siemens triple mica made in Germany Amplitrex tested Qty 10 Pcs


  • Up for sale is for 10 Pcs
  • Actual Brand: E82CC 12AU7 Siemens
  • top halo ring getter
  •  New in white box
  • made in Germany
  • World Wide Shipping
  • Shipping Charges USD 35
  • Handling Time 1 Business Day
  • 5 to 7 Business Days Shipping Time
  • For more Quantity requirement you can email us.

Availability: 30 in stock

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E82CC 12AU7 Siemens triple mica

Top halo ring getter

 New in white box

Clear Glass

Made in Germany

Tested Advance Digital Tube Tester Amplitrex AT1000

Sr.No.2327391 T1=Ia=8.6ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=9.4ma Gm=1920

Sr.No.2327354 T1=Ia=8.8ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=9.2ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327336 T1=Ia=8.6ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=9.0ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327181 T1=Ia=8.8ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=9.0ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327042 T1=Ia=8.4ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=9.0ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327472 T1=Ia=8.4ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=8.7ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327426 T1=Ia=8.4ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=8.4ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327414 T1=Ia=7.4ma Gm=1790

T2=Ia=8.0ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327413 T1=Ia=8.4ma Gm=1810

T2=Ia=8.8ma Gm=1900

Sr.No.2327393 T1=Ia=8.6ma Gm=1800

T2=Ia=8.6ma Gm=1890


About Us

We specialized in thoroughly tested

and screened quality vacuum tubes.

We have various type of valves and tubes testers

– Amplitrex AT1000 Advance Digital Tube Tester,

– Hickok 752a tube tester,

– AVO Type 160

We have been in the valve and tube Business Since 1970’s.

Previously we were better Known as a Wholesaler,

but recently, We are offering more retail items.

All item are tested and guaranteed, supplied

We have Approximately 3,00,000 Valve and Tubes Stock

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If the address is away from city, town there is extended area surcharge, So

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