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CV6-6SN7/6J5 Half 6SN7GT DET20 GEC 1940 MIL WW2 Black Base Made In England 1MQ


  • Above price is for 1 Match Quad
  • Actual Brand: CV6-VR135 GEC
  • Made in England
  • Clear Glass, Black Base
  • New In Original GVT Box
  • World Wide Shipping
  • Shipping Charges USD 35
  • Handling Time 1 Business Day
  • 5 to 7 Business Days Shipping Time
  • For more Quantity requirement you can email us.

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The CV6 GEC is Military Grade 2C22/ VR135 / DET20 

Which is Equivalent to 6J5 and Half of 6SN7. 

 When used 2 Tubes Of  CV6  with Convertor Adapter

it work as a single 6SN7

“Pan” Getter 

Made in England

 The VR135 is a military receiving valve that became reclassified as the CV6 when the common valve listings were drawn-up to remove the problems of a lack of interchange between the UK Armed Forces.

Black Base, Clear Glass

New in Original GVT Box

Charcoal Black Plate, with same characteristics as 6J5 and Half of 6SN7GT

Tested Advance Digital Tube Tester Amplitrex AT1000

Sr.No.2964030 T1 = Ia=7.0ma Gm=2400

Sr.No.2964038 T1 = Ia=7.2ma Gm=2400

Sr.No.2964048 T1 = Ia=7.0ma Gm=2400

Sr.No.2964080 T1 = Ia=6.8ma Gm=2400

Sr.No.2964127 T1 = Ia=8.2ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964074 T1 = Ia=9.0ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964099 T1 = Ia=8.2ma Gm=2400

Sr.No.2964056 T1 = Ia=8.2ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964140 T1 = Ia=10.2ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964116 T1 = Ia=7.6ma Gm=2400

Sr.No.2964153 T1 = Ia=9.0ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964124 T1 = Ia=9.0ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964147 T1 = Ia=9.2ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964045 T1 = Ia=7.4ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964070 T1 = Ia=8.8ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964121 T1 = Ia=7.2ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964210 T1 = Ia=9.7ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964231 T1 = Ia=8.2ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964222 T1 = Ia=9.2ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964197 T1 = Ia=9.4ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964221 T1 = Ia=8.4ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964223 T1 = Ia=1.4ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964224 T1 = Ia=9.2ma Gm=2630

Sr.No.2964226 T1 = Ia=9.4ma Gm=2610

Sr.No.2964196 T1 = Ia=10.0ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964175 T1 = Ia=6.4ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964161 T1 = Ia=7.5ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964169 T1 = Ia=10.0ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964178 T1 = Ia=7.8ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964176 T1 = Ia=6.6ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964177 T1 = Ia=7.6ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964189 T1 = Ia=8.0ma Gm=2500

Sr.No.2964158 T1 = Ia=8.6ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964243 T1 = Ia=8.4ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964244 T1 = Ia=9.2ma Gm=2600

Sr.No.2964215 T1 = Ia=9.2ma Gm=2600

CV6 @ The Valve Museum (r-type.org)

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