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BECKMAN 6336A New in Original box


  • Make Beckman
  • Made in U.S.A.
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United States of America (USA)
Brand: Common type USA tube/semicond.
Tube type: Double Triode   Power-supply
Identical to 6336A
Similar Tubes
Normally replaceable-slightly different:


Other characteristic (electr. data):


Successor Tubes 6336B

Base Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935
Was used by Technology / Measurement
Filament Vf 6.3 Volts / If 5 Ampere / Indirect / Parallel, (AC/DC) /
Description Hard glass bulb, jumbo octal base, 30W or 400mA per plate. Equivalent to two 8080s in parallel. GE, Raytheon, RCA, Sylvania and Tung-Sol.
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Literature Essential Characteristics, GE 1973
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