NEW NOS VT74 6J7G MWT made in Gt.Britian Amplitrex AT1000


  • Actual Brand:  MWT Osram
  • Test as NOS: YES
  • #614003/614007
  • Above price is for 1 Match pair(2PCS)
  • For more Quantity requirement you can email us.
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Tube Type/Number:  VT74 6J7G
Actual Brand:  MWT Osram
Quantity of Tubes: 1 Match Pair(2pcs.)
Plate Construction: Round grey plate
Country of Manufacture:  England
Smoked Glass: Black Coated
Engraved Base: No
Test Result enclosed:Yes
Boxes Included: GVT. Box
Select the pair of your choice
pair#1 sr.no.614031 Ia=4.2ma Gm=1600
sr.no.614033 Ia=4.3ma Gm=1590
pair#2 sr.no.614048 Ia=3.3ma Gm=1440
sr.no.614037 Ia=3.3ma Gm=1400
pair#3 sr.no.614043 Ia=5.9ma Gm=1580
sr.no.614029 Ia=5.3ma Gm=1610
pair#4 sr.no.614039 Ia=6.3ma Gm=1650 Sold
sr.no.614041 Ia=6.4ma Gm=1680 Sold
pair#5 sr.no.614059 Ia=6.2ma Gm=1590
sr.no.614027 Ia=7.1ma Gm=1540
pair#6 sr.no.614051 Ia=5.8ma Gm=1650
sr.no.614032 Ia=6.9ma Gm=1700
pair#7 sr.no.614025 Ia=3.0ma Gm=1400
sr.no.614014 Ia=3.1ma Gm=1500
pair#8 sr.no.614045 Ia=3.9ma Gm=1460
sr.no.614019 Ia=3.7ma Gm=1500
pair#9 sr.no.614050 Ia=8.4ma Gm=1420
sr.no.614049 Ia=8.6ma Gm=1510
pair#10 sr.no.614020 Ia=3.2 Gm=1390
sr.no.614026 Ia=3.6 Gm=1350
Life Calculation: 100%
Test as NOS: YES


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