1MP VT60(EL34 6L6 KT66 ) Cossor GEC U.K(Special 807 military grade)#778428&492

1MP VT60(EL34 6L6 KT66 ) Cossor GEC U.K(Special 807 military grade)#778428&492

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  • The above price is for 1 Matched Pair (2 pcs)
  • Actual Brand: VT60 GEC
  • New in GVT Original Box
  • Made in England
  • White Ceramic Base, Muddy Black Rib Plate
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In Original Military Box War Time

The Photos are actual Photos of tubes you are buying

This sale is for 1 Match Pair(2 pcs.).


Made in England

White Ceramic Base, Muddy Black Rib Plate

Date Code : K

Tested Advance Digital Tube Tester Amplitrex AT1000

Sr.No.778428. T1=Ia=83.5ma Gm=6530
Sr.No.778492. T1=Ia=86.4ma Gm=6560

Cossor VT60 =807 ,made by Cossor in early 1940s in UK during “World War 2” FOR ROYAL AIR FORCE. With early ceramic base . In original UK military packing and box. One of the best 807 ever made! With  VT60 logos on tubes, please check the photos. GEC VT60, Cossor UK, OEM to GEC print word; features the same as 6L6G/KT66/EL37/350B (but different pins, can not be directly replaced, need to add adapter), the price is much lower, is DIY Very good choice! Now there are people selling 807 to 6L6 adapters on the Internet. You can buy adapters on the Internet, you can use 807+ adapters, you can directly replace 6L6G/KT66/EL37/350B Now the price of 6L6G/KT66/EL37/350B is very high. It can directly replace 6L6G/KT66/EL37/350B with (807/ATS25/VT60 + adapter), you can enjoy the exquisite sound of early classical tube, but the price is a lot lower…This is the earliest British White Ceramic VT60 , the sound will be more refined than the average American 807 sound, a lot better!

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All tubes tested on our Amplitex AT1000 A Advance Tubes Tester to preform the test as mentioned and to ensure that the tubes are in factory specs (working) before listing them.All tubes are checked for Shorts, Emission, Life test, and Leakage. Emissions/life test on this meterTube tested: No leaks, No shorts, Good emissions Tube tested emissions (100) life test (100)Tube tested strongOur experienced shipper will package your item(s) with care. Through Expedited delivery within 5 days by DHL,FEDEX,UPS,with tracking Number.We also combine multiple purchases. Our shipping carriers include , FedEx   We reserve the right to ship using the carrier and shipping method that is most effective for your purchase.

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