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1MP VT52 EL32 1637 ZA11244 Mullard Made in Gt.Britain AVO 160 Tested#3601008&11


  • Up for sale is 1 Matched Pair (2 Pcs) 
  • VT52 EL32 / VT52 / 1637 / ZA11244 Mullard NOS
  •  New in GVT Original Box
  • Black Base, Clear Glass
  • Tested on AVO-160
  • For more Quantity, please contact us through email.





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Up for sale is 1 Matched Pair (2 Pcs)


EL32 / VT52 / 1637 / ZA11244 Mullard NOS

The Photos are actual Photos of tubes  you are buying  

 Vintage British military tube made by Mullard in 1943.

VT52 (aka EL32 CV1052 1637) pentode amplifier tubes in the original boxes.

VT52 is similar to EL32 and close to EL2 and has a 1/4″ (6,33mm) top cap.

A pair with Ua 250V will put out about 8 watts using the same type of output transformer as used for 6V6 or EL84  (aprox. 7k to 10K CT primary).

 New in GVT Original Box

Black Base, Clear Glass


Tested on AVO 160

Sr.no.3601008 la: 36.0 ma mA/V:2.4

Sr.no.3601011 la: 36.2 ma mA/V:2.3

Custom duties and taxes is the responsibility of the buyer in their country.             

  More photos can be viewed of this items at audiotubes.in.

 We accept order with combine shipping 

 All tubes tested on our Amplitex AT1000 A Advance Tubes Tester to preform the test as mentioned and to ensure that the tubes are in factory specs (working) before listing them. All tubes are checked for Shorts, Emission, Life test, and Leakage. Emissions/life test on this meter Tube tested: No leaks, No shorts, Good emissions Tube tested emissions (100) life test (100)Tube tested strong Our experienced shipper will package your item(s) with care. Through Expedited delivery within 5 days by DHL,FEDEX,ARAMEX, with tracking Number. We also combine multiple purchases. Our shipping carriers include , FedEx   We reserve the right to ship using the carrier and shipping method that is most effective for your purchase.

 About us

We specialized in thoroughly tested and screened quality vacuum tubes. We have various type of valves and tubes testers Like – Amplitrex AT1000 Advance Digital Tube Tester,  – Hickok 752a tube tester, – AVO Type 160We have been in the valve and tube Business Since 1970’s.Previously we were better Known as a Wholesaler, but recently, We are offering more retail items. All item are tested and guaranteed and supplied. We have Approximately 3,00,000 Valve and Tubes Stock



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